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The American Aphasia Society is asking the media to help with our efforts to ensure individuals with this acquired communication disorder will no longer be silenced, isolated, or misunderstood. 

We need the media's help to deliver information that at this time is inaccessible to individuals with communication disorders.  

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month

 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization  

Hundreds of people wore 
aphasia awareness tee shirts in support of this prevalent but overlooked acquired communication disorder.

These shirts represent over 2 million American's living with aphasia in the United States.  
MEDIA RELATED INQUIRIES:  Contact Karen Kelly at 617-842-9416 or

Almost 8 years ago my mom survived a stroke but lost her ability to speech but not her intelligence. Everyday it is a challenge to express her thoughts and needs.

Millions of Americans live with this debilitating and unknown disorder acquired from a stroke or brain injury.

The aphasia community has testified to the legislature and they approved an Aphasia Study commission but our work is not done.

The “WE NEED TO TALK” campaign is asking the media to help us spread the word that stroke and brain injury survivors that lose their speech are not alone or forgotten.

Many who lost their speech, lost their ability to read or use a computer, they rely on auditory and visual communication.

They need to watch the news to keep them connected to society. For many television and radio are the only medians available to access what is going on.

Please contact us for a meeting with members of the aphasia community. Once you meet someone with aphasia you will understand the challenges they face everyday trying to communicate their needs.

Video for why 
Aphasia Day Started
June 2013